Alpha Sigma Lambda

A national honor society for part-time and/or non-traditional students dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and leadership. All University of Pittsburgh students with a QPA of 3.25 or above are invited to apply.

What is Alpha Sigma Lambda?

Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) is a national honor society dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and leadership for part-time and/or non-traditional students at the University of Pittsburgh. This honor society stresses service to our university and community. The Alpha Chi Chapter is governed by an Executive Council of elected members who, in turn, elect four executive officers from their ranks.

What are Alpha Sigma Lambda's Goal?

To motivate candidates and members to exemplify scholarship, leadership and service by sharing their abilities with fellow members and the university community as a whole.

What are the membership benefits?

ASL recognizes what students have accomplished and offers a unique training ground for developing the leadership potential they have already exhibited. ASL brings together outstanding students and faculty and offers each member exposure to a variety of leadership experiences. Other benefits include:

        1. Lectures on a variety of topics including resume writing, time management, placement, and career counseling.
        2. Participation in community service projects.
        3. Chapter and national scholarships.
        4. Conversing and working with university administrators to benefit students.
        5. Enhancement of management, analytical, organizational and communications skill through experience on various committees. Committees include: Administrative, Budget, Membership and Public Relations.
        6. Membership privilege to be part of the University Honors Convocation.

Membership To be eligible for membership in ASL, the following requirements must be met:

        • Must be enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh, and have earned 24 or more University of Pittsburgh credits, with at least 15 credits outside your major
        • Must have attained no previous baccalaureate degree
        • Must have been in attendance at the University of Pittsburgh for a minimum of four terms on a part-time basis, or two terms on a full-time basis.
        • Must be an undergraduate student for at least one academic term from initiation
        • Must be in the top 10 percent of the class in scholarship, with a minimum QPA of 3.25

All students who meet the above requirements, which will fulfill the scholarship and leadership requirements of our organization, are invited to become a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, Alpha Chi Chapter, at the University of Pittsburgh. After initiation, all members are expected to attend two of the three annual meetings. How do I join? Applications are accepted throughout the year. Initiations are held at the Fall Term and Spring Term Business meetings and members are inducted at those times. Applications and questions for membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda can be obtained through Sherry Miller Brown at